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5 Reasons why Small & Medium businesses need a website

October 18, 2020
5 Reasons why Small & Medium businesses need a website

In this digital and noisy world we live today, a website is essential for any business. If you own a business and don't have a website, you are likely to miss opportunities for your business. A website can be used to achieve various marketing strategies that can help your business grow and the web has a much wider reach than any other forms of traditional advertising. Your website will be the storefront of your business's online presence.

In this blog post we discuss 10 reasons why small and medium businesses need a website, so grab a cup of tea, remove any distractions in the background and devote 7 minutes of your valuable time to read this.

1) The first touch base for your customer

Today the first thing people do when they want to know about your business is search and browse your website. What happens when those people don’t find any results on their search engines regarding your business? Immediately, their first thought will be that your business is not serious enough or professional.

British small businesses lose thousands of pounds every month due to a lack of online efficiency, according to new research. A report from the famous website builder Wix found that around £ 35,000 a month could be lost because small and medium businesses don't even follow the basic steps. This includes discovering that 40% of UK businesses are not yet online and nearly one in three (30%) business websites are not yet fully digital and optimal for all devices.

So, if price isn't your reason of not having a website, then what is it? Lots of business owners say they don't need a website because I use Facebook (or Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram). While social presence is important for business, you would be wrong to rely on social media to replace your website. For small businesses, the main purpose of social media is to market and attract users to your website. Simply put, if you don't have anyone visiting, you are very unlikely to get their business. It's that simple.

2) Information for your product or services

Viewing services, product catalogues, product features and comparing on your website can give customers a lot of information about your business. In today's digital world, many customers make purchasing decisions while sitting home, on their couch with a computer on their lap or even at the cafeteria with browsing on their mobile devices. Potential customers tend to make decisions even before they walk into a showroom. This decision making is supported by your online presence (not necessarily on your website).

Furthermore, consumers want to have a clear idea of ​​what you have to offer and why it is the best choice for them. Make information easier to find, including information on warranty types. They also want to know that when there is a problem, it's easy to contact your company and find absolution. They trust you with their hard-earned money, so they expect a way to connect outside of their regular email address, although this is also a good option to offer. This is one reason why you should place a sticky business phone number where it's easy to find. Everything should be clear and concise so that users' questions can be answered before they even ask.

3)  Credibility

Nowadays websites are being misused as a factor of trust. This is because today any business can have a presence online. However, for many potential customers and in many industries, a website is still an important factor in customer trust. I can tell you that in the consumer goods industry, having a website is almost mandatory because the products sometimes become very technical. So, if you want to reveal information, here is another reason why a business website is important.

With most of the world's population using the great web, a website is the best way to tell the world about you and your business. It isalso an opportunity to explain why your business deserves their trust and confidence. In fact, today's internet users expect top business owners to have a presence online. As we discussed in the first point of this blog post, customers use the internet to do research before buying products and services. Hence, a website is a great tool for providing useful information about your business and convincing your audience that you offer the best product or service. Here are 3 ways to increase trust in your website:

  • Update your website regularly with relevant and useful information
  • Offer visitors with clear FAQ
  • Publish testimonials from satisfied customers

A well-designed, informative and up-to-date website enhances the credibility of your company and strengthens your brand.

4) An optimized website can become a money-making machine

Today there are many e-commerce portals that you can use tosell your products directly online. So, if you have a great website design thatwill build people's trust, customers might as well be ready to take out their creditcards at your online store and initiate buying. Online e-commerce ischallenging because you need to maintain inventory and manage shipping.However, given the phenomenal growth of ecommerce websites, we can be sure thatsmall websites with unique products will do very well in today’s online market.Having a website is important for a business because most customers expect 100%of the business to make sales online. And collecting leads and offers around the clock can generate tremendous revenue for your business.

5)  Showcase testimonials and reviews

I can tell you we have worked with some inspiring brands, agencies and coaches, building for them beautiful websites and managing their automation. And do you know about the number 1 thing on these websites that convinces most new customers to keep purchasing their services? A list of countless positive recommendations & reviews and a list of partners that have worked with them.

Coaches and agencies regularly monitor their customers and ensure they get referrals from them. Usually receiving positive ratings for their excellent services and then making sure that valuable recommendations are published on their websites. These recommendations later become their achievements and portfolio to show to more customers. Hence, their websites are very important for their business.

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